Air Conditioning



KKR-GmbH is a leading company for Air Conditioning of any area. Our engineers and technicians plan and build customized air conditioning systems tailored for your needs. Customers from every sector in industry such as the private or public sector rely on our competence for many years. We show great success on our services.

Areas of application
  • Air Conditioning for industrial use:

    As well-known company for Air Conditioning we are able to set up systems for every industrial area of application. We also include former protected systems in our portfolio.

  • Air Conditioning for private businesses

    Do you require a modern, efficient and comfortable air conditioning unit for your office, customer area or conference room? Our experienced engineers and technicians are the right contact for you!

  • Air Conditioning for public sector

    KKR-GmbH works for public services since its establishment. We fulfill all requirements of the public procurements as a prequalified company for sure.

  • Intake of customers’ needs

    We are listening to you. We aim to fully understand and to capture precisely your current situation and your objectives. Based on this foundation we develop a concept that is tailored for your needs.

  • Concept – Planning- Duties

    Based on your requirements we create an individual concept for your automation that precisely suits your company. From this point on we create a book of duties with all relevant key data. That’s how we archive clearance and transparence for the implementation.

  • Implementation

    We implement your requirements highly efficient and remarkable fast. We are looking for an optimal cost efficient solution: Maximum performance at minimum costs

  • Maintenance of your Investment

    The sustainability of your investment in Air Conditioning is our top priority. We perform professional maintenance and reliable Support for your Air Conditioning. We offer you service concepts on different levels. If needed, we provide you round-the-clock support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our focus is on optimal Return-on-Investment and a long product life cycle.