Refrigeration technology



Innovative and efficient comfort air conditioning is as much part of our range of services as specialized refrigerators for the industrial environment. KKR-GmbH plans and creates the perfect Refrigerator for your Enterprise. KKR-GmbH is a specialized- and training company since its establishment.

Compressed Refrigerating Plant
  • Direct Evaporator Plant for chilling rooms.

    We built Refrigerated rooms in industrial and commercial environments. For Example in the pharmaceutical- or food industry.

  • Direct Evaporator Plant for Refrigerated rooms

    One of our core competences is the construction of Direct Evaporator Plants for the cryogenic zone. Beside the Refrigeration Engineering we supply special, in house developed automation solutions for a safe and optimal Use of your cryogenic plant.

  • Brine Cooling- and Cryogenic Plants

    We plan, construct and supply special Brine cooling Plants for your processes down to -50°C

  • Chilled Water Generation

    We use Scroll-, Screw or Turbo compressors, water and a water- or air- cooled, with or without free cooling. No matter what you need. We have the right technology for your Case

  • VRF and Split air conditioning devices

    One of today popular low cost option of comfort air conditioning are VRF and Split Air Conditioning Devices. KKR-GmbH installs plants of any size for industry- and commercial private companies or for the public sector.

Thermal Refrigeration Plants
  • Absorption Refrigeration Plants

    At any place, where low cost heating energy with temperatures above 95° is available and to be generated, Absorption Refrigeration Plants offer a favorable option to common Compress Refrigerating Engineering. The absorption Refrigerating technology especially suits to a combination with UHPS units as combined heat and power interlink for medium sized to large Performance. In Combination with a Absorption Refrigeration Plant you are able to archive good annual working numbers of your UHPS. This affects the payback period of your UHPS positively.

  • Adsorption Refrigeration Plants

    In Contrast to the Absorption technology the Adsorption technology already works at low temperature Engine temperatures at approximately 65°C onwards. Therefore Adsorption technology is suitable for the use of a solar Refrigeration system. KKR-GmbH operates an In- House solar Refrigeration System combined with Adsorption technology at their headquarters in Langen/Hessen. You are welcome to contact us personally to get informed about environmentally friendly Air Conditioning technology.